Moody’s wines are all about good value, good taste and pairing with our meat and fish.

We’re not looking for complex or esoteric wines…just something good to go with either an everyday meal or that special occasion.  Our wines are meant to be consumed not cellared – we will try to guide you through the process with weekly features and pairings.

Understanding wine should be simple not complex: “Do you like it and would you buy it again?”  Not everyone’s palate is the same; I have often been disappointed in 90 plus point wines.  Be confident in what YOU like.

We’re not going to give you complex ratings about bouquet (nose) or overtones and undertones of this or that – simply is it good!  We’ll tell you if it is fruity or dry or tannic.  Whether it is big and bold and needs food or if it’s just very drinkable.

Our selection will change and evolve; some wines may not meet our standards and be replaced or maybe it simply hasn’t sold which is YOUR way of telling us to replace it.

However you look at it, we’re here to make your Moody’s experience easier and more convenient.  We always welcome your comments and suggestions.